Echo of Entropy

by Bone Cave Ballet

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released June 6, 2009



all rights reserved


Bone Cave Ballet Seattle, Washington

Bone Cave Ballet… a name as unique and compelling as the music they craft: “...the energy of punk but full of subtlety and skill.” (Jon Davis,

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Track Name: Breakfast With Hate
Her blackened fist is caught in the talons of eagles
Broken hearts won’t rot, make sense out of evils
We’re branded with each touch, change up the picture’s perception
A golden piece of rust, the finale’s illusion

Uh oh…

Eyes to paint the stories, brush filled with dried blood
Alchemize the mysteries, just drink up the flood
A folded piece of glass, cruel spells uncast
Chain blame to the wall, then kiss it and fall

Uh oh…

You nominate love
Make breakfast with hate
Splashing through mortality’s gate
Chuck fear and his foreman in… yesterday’s glacier-fed lake
And swim in the warm pools that rest on your face.
Track Name: Dry Divine
Dampened pain pouring rain defines
Reminisce where the devil rewinds
Re-elect a wound to shoot it a kiss
The Dry divine will heat up her bliss

Turn lies to truths and shreds to seams
The heart of the minds regime
Wring out the rind, correct the crime
You pinch the pain and climb it up her

Salt burns
Salt turns us away

Complacency in the passive lane
Drives power to fear and love to blame
The map that’s wrinkled to spell your name
Shows a road that is different but the same

Low nature blocks the canyons view
Where you get me and I get you
The kleets get out and climb residue
In steps we can swallow or

Salt burns
Salt turns us away

Forgive the tone a teacher’s moan
Reminded by this wind
Forbidden space, Request for grace
To pull out poison’s pins
Compositions of beckoning roots
Hold roaring guns and bloodstained boots
On red carpets their stories do land
Decoration of lives in the sand
Track Name: The Beast Gnaws
Your wait is here
Fate plays in tea time
The best egg in town is taking a nap

The pointed eye pours
Which star might you destroy
Masters at hand pull out their decoy

CH: Chose wisely and chose quietly
The cave calls, the beast gnaws at ears trying to hear out …this… heart…beat

The kite dives
Pull up, with trust that pulls off your crust
Cause this water engine is filling cups

The backdrop in ether, displays uncertain theatre
Watch as the sounds pull out the future


Thunder Feel shake
Outside Is Your Cake
Taste Rain Pull out stakes
Tight Grips Will dig graves

Light Flash Dark spins
Wet Bra Wet Sins
Bold Moves Clock Ticks
Shed Time For Real Skin

Your place is here, savor taste in deep rhyme
Compadres in wind pull skates on their track
The traps laid by bastards with plans they set in plaster
Watch as they smash in piles of laughter


Just pave the day don’t melt in the asphalt sucking your soul inside
The leg array, displaying the spaces perfect between your strides
The castaway, pretending that time isn’t there with no watching eyes
The pull and pray, flirtation with concepts that leave you nothing but today
Track Name: Scylla & Charybdis
Smooth my voice onto your lips
And kiss me
Dirty queen style

Break me down and sculpt me
As your body
Maybe just for awhile

Your eyes pull like goosebumps
Your jawline
Is my new favorite comb

Where ears ache for answers
The message bird
Will sing out in code

Feeling the tension in hands that are clinging
Lovebirds in separate cages pounding

Where fishbones and broken gloves
Line labyrinths
Where seahorses can explode

Where only silence
Can caress the place
Where sorrow stands alone.
Track Name: Chrysalis
Get greener as you go
Starving out the old growth
Purposes of snow
To blanket fertile ground

Epiphany of cones
Pointed at the high planes
Future’s fading mind games
Are turning out the crown

Just one more heartbeat dead
Nothing big
We’ll glorify the skin we shed
The golden rug on which we bled

Imperfect swollen stain on our sleeves
Pinpricks in the air we breathe
The taste of death in our tea
Drink it down

‘Cause force is pushing down on this path
Obstructions fall into gaps
A chrysalis state can relax

The danger that leads out of the real risk’s eye
No permanence in closed confines
The fire will fall and burn with time

Cause streaming through the bones
Is marrow’s glaze
The glow of tones that built this maze
Show labyrinth’s core where we’ll always play

Where devil’s live and drown in their lover’s eye
Hear ocean’s dripping from her thighs
As she answers that hot call from the light
Ringing loud
Track Name: Grease The Pony

Dave don’t grease the pony
Don’t coax it with baloney
It knows to trot
Over to see her Rorshock blot

Checking separation
The wrestling contradiction
Around a rock
The river sees what she forgot

When it trickles this way
Echoing sounds that get prayed
Arms open out to come and play
With her danger, with her dangerous side
With her danger, with the danger of pride
No stranger to the tides that live in Davy

Dave don’t butter biscuits
That don’t need butter service
He knows to taste the paste
And suss out the table grace

Stiring up the poisons
Detoxifying treasons
So saltless and stale
Flush bullshit out with Gilroy-ale